Site Safety Featuring Alan Titchmarsh

Mon 4 Mar 2019
posted by Arco Professional Safety Services

Craig Feeney is one of our Fall Protection Supervisors/Technicians and on one of his recent site visits, he encountered a familiar face.

Craig and his colleague, Chris Ficker, were out in Derby on a site safety with the Fall Protection Team job last month which involved setting up some temporary lines to allow Alan Titchmarsh, MBE, to change the flag on top of Keddleston Hall. The site visit also involved the recertification of some anchor points that the rope was attached to, as well as kitting out Alan and the camera men.

Craig and Chris then proceeded to give Alan and the camera men a talk through how to safety access the gantry where the flag pole was.



Our fall protection department can offer many different systems to keep you safe whilst working at height including guardrails, roof safety systems, ladder systems, anchor points and Latchways Systems. To see more click here.



To see Craig and Chris’ teachings in action, look out for “Secrets Of The National Trust” which will be airing on Channel 5 in March.

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