Amey Plc Culvert Inspections

CLIENT: Amey Plc

Client Brief
Amey Plc has tasked Arco Professional Safety Services to conduct man entry and CCTV inspections of 80 culverts. The client has requested a full, detailed and visual inspection including the exterior Wingwalls.

Arco Professional Safety Services' Solution
Arco Professional Safety Services surveyed the job on behalf of Amey Plc and it was decided the best way to complete the works was to inspect the works by two methods; The first being by CCTV crawler system to ensure that hierarchy of control was achieved where the works would present a specific risk that could not be mitigated. The second was man entry inspection that was achieve a full detailed and tactile inspection. Full PDF reports were submitted to the client within 28 days from the date of inspection.

Benefits of Our Solution
Amey Plc were more than happy for us to carry out the works due to our highly qualified confined space inspection teams and our extensive knowledge of structural inspections


Amey Plc “have been impressed with site attitude of employees and reports received”
Leroy Thompson
Assistant Delivery Manager, Amey.