Ely Water Tower, Concrete repairs

CLIENT:                    Concrete Repairs LTD (CRL)

Client Brief             
CRL had been appointed to carry out fabric maintenance to the external façade of Ely water Tower, the maintenance involved concrete patch repairs to failed areas of the structure

Arco Professional Safety Services' Solution
Arco Professional Safety Services attended the site at the request of the client and surveyed site to ensure that all required repairs could be accessed using rope access. Once the programme of works was confirmed a site specific method statement and risk assessment was completed detailing a specific access method to carry out the repairs.
Due to the nature of the structure there were no anchor points to enable the rope access works, Arco Professional Safety Services imported mobile weight anchors conforming to BS EN 795 Class B to carry out the works.

Benefits of Our Solution
Due to limited access to site and short duration of the works it was more beneficial to carry out the works using rope access techniques in accordance with IRATA recommendations and approved codes of practise.
The radio frequency equipment located to the perimeter of water tower was live and operational, meaning the area could not be access using scaffolding, Arco Professional Safety Services were able to ascend from the ground in order to carry out the repairs without the need for any costly isolations of the equipment.

Arco Professional Safety Services were a very efficient team and have done a fantastic job quickly and safely.