RAF Cosford

CLIENT: RAF Cosford                 


Client Brief

RAF Cosford contracted Total Access to provide Inspection of the Suspension Equipment & Cleaning of Aircrafts with in the Museum Hangers.


Total Access Solution

Due to the height of the structure and limited access at ground level the most practical way to complete the works was to utilize a combination Rope Access and Mechanical Elevated Work Platform (MEWP). The cleaning of over 20 aircraft was completed by an IRATA/IPAF trained and qualified team using a combination of filtered vacuum and dry microfiber cloths to remove all bulk and residual dust and carried out during early mornings to avoid any unnecessary closures. The crew cleaned the eight suspended aircraft in the Cold War section of the museum, as well as working on some of the larger planes which are on the ground but are difficult to access. The team also inspected the suspension cables supporting the aircraft in their flying display positions.

Among the planes being cleaned was the English Electric Lightening; an iconic British supersonic fighter aircraft of the Cold War era and a Short Brothers Belfast with a wing span of 158ft and 136ft long.


Benefits of Our Solution

The hangers could be accessed with multiple operatives who were able to mobilize and complete the works in a short timeframe reducing the impact on operational activities during the museum opening times. At the end of each shift there were no obstructions left on site ensuring that the museum visitors had complete unobstructed access to view the exhibits.