S-Cape Personal Emergency Descent Device


Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd has developed the S-Cape™ Evacuation System and S-Cape™ Rescue System, and the new Off-shore S-Cape™ Mk VI Escape device.

These systems fully comply with the requirements of the HSE Operational Circular, OC 282/31 in respect of equipment used for emergency rope evacuation from mechanical handling equipment; & help potential users comply with the Working At Height Regulations 2005.


The ONSHORE S-Cape™ Evacuation System

Unit is an emergency evacuation kit based on the abseiling principle using individually CE marked, proven components and assembled to specifically suit the evacuation requirements of man-up riding forklift trucks and cranes etc.

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THE  OFFSHORE S-Cape™ Evacuation System

The system uses basic abseiling techniques which anyone with minimal training can perform safely. The Mark VI provides an easy and versatile means of controlled descent from offshore installations such as platforms, tankers, drill rigs, etc in the event that an emergency escalates to a point where the standard evacuation systems can no longer be used.


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We also provide training for Onshore and Offshore S-Cape™ Emergency Evacuation Systems

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