Aquapac Bike Mounted Waterproof Phone & GPS Case

Attach your Phone or GPS securely to your handlebars. Use it to take video, or to keep track of your mapping app. You can also attach it to the helm bar on a yacht, or to a windsurfing boom.

- No tools required.
- Protects from mud & dirt.
- Allows a great video with your front-facing camera.
- Most phones float in this case (make sure you test yours first)
- High-frequency welded seams to form super-strong bond
- The Aquaclip rustproof plastic seal opens and closes with simple twist of 2 levers and everything stays in one place even when open.

Fits iPhones 1-6.


Dimensions: 85 x 205 mm.

  • Manufacturer : Aquapac
Aquapac Bike Mounted Waterproof Phone & GPS Case

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