BUFF� Neckwear CoolNet� UV+

BUFF� CoolNet� UV+ is a multifunctional tubular perfect for outdoor activities during sunny days. It offers high UV protection to enjoy life out in the sun while protecting you from harmful sun radiation. Light, breathable and comfortable, this tubular is an ideal companion for running, cycling and walking as well as climbing, trekking or motor biking.

CoolNet� UV+ can be worn as a neckerchief, headband, wristband, mask, hairband, balaclava, scarf, scrunchie, saharaine, pirate cap, beanie or bandana.


Measures 53x22.7cm



Certified to meet Oeko-Tex� Standard 100

  • Manufacturer : Buff
  • Weight: 39g
BUFF� Neckwear CoolNet� UV+ (Moonbow Multi)

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