Buff Filter Mask [Solid Night Blue]

The Buff Filter Mask is designed for lightweight wearing comfort while offering 98% filter efficiency.

The elastic bands allow the mask to be adjustable on the back of the head for individual fit and avoiding pressure around the ears.

3-layer filtering system with one layer of melt-blown fiber, enclosed by two layers of water repellent fiber.

5 replacement filters are included with each mask.

Filters are non-reusable and can last up to one day.

Usage time depends on use and environment.

Reusable mask made from CoolNet UV+ fabric.

HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 antibacterial treatment applied on inside pocket.

Machine-wash safe at 60C.


Tested 98% Filtration Efficiency



Surgical Mask Standard: CWA 17552:2020 Type I & II

  • Manufacturer : Buff
Buff Filter Mask [Solid Night Blue]

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