Jetboil Joule Group Cooking System

For hard, cold conditions you need the fastest, most efficient group cooking system; the Jetboil Joule adds extreme performance to winter backpacking. The Joule's 2.5-litre capacity means that one stove can cook for up to five people at once. And it does it quicker than other stoves too, taking just 160 seconds for a litre of water.

- 2.5L cooking pot is tall to keep more food over the flame
- Neoprene insulating cosy
- Clear strainer lid
- Locking handle
- Solid base unit almost as wide as pot for best stability
- Fuel line passes through flame to pre-warm fuel in cold weather
- Push-auto egniter

Boil Time: 1L = 2mins 40secs
Water Boiled: 24L per 230g canister (not included)


Dimensions: 20.3x16.5cm. Power Output:: 10,000BTU. Volume: 2.5L.

  • Manufacturer : Jetboil
  • Weight: 715g
Jetboil Joule Group Cooking System

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