Peltor Optime III H540P3E Clip-On Ear Defenders

These overhead ear defenders are high performance hearing protection developed for use in extremely noise environments. The protection is based on a technology with a double casing minimisingresonance in the holder casing, maximising high-frequency attenuation. An acoustic connection between the inner volume and the volume between the casings in its turn provides low-frequency attenuation.

- Maximum high & low frequency muffling
- Even pressure distribution due to unique 2-point attachment
- Height adjustment and flexible adaption to size and shape of head
- Combines well with other PPE including the Petzl Helmet range
- Fluid and foam filled sealing rings
- Comfortable during long-term wear
- Snug fit for spectacle wearers


Attenuation Rating (SNR) 34dB.



EN352-3: 2002

  • Manufacturer : Arco
  • Weight: 310g
Peltor Optime III H540P3E Clip-On Ear Defenders

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