Rescue Genie Rescue Kit

The Arco Professional Safety Services (Formally Total Access Ltd) Rescue Genie™ is an independent Rescue unit that fulfils the Work at Height Regulations 2005; Regulation 4 (2) "to plan for emergencies and rescue" requirement, by providing an onsite reach and recover response system for a worker suspended at height.


How the Rescue Genie works

Following a fall resulting in the suspension of a worker, the Rescue Genie™ is quick to deploy. Reaching the casualty is done via the use of a telescopic pole; unlike other rescue kits on the market which use pushing techniques which often result in the collapsing of the pole. The Rescue Genie has a unique hook and pull mechanism making it far easier to attach to a casualty first time.

A few strokes from the revolutionary winch will have a casualty raised to their attachment point, released from their original safety line and quickly lowered to safety. The patented winch system speeds up the rescue dramatically by its 6:1 mechanical lever advantage and single rope action. Unlike a traditional pulley system, requiring three to four times the amount of rope, the winch mechanism allows rope lengths to match the lowering distance, thus keeping weight and cost to a minimum whilst avoiding entanglement when in transit.

As the rescuer is independent of the system at all times during the rescue, the level of risk to themselves is reduced significantly, eliminating the expense of additional safety equipment.    

Why choose the Rescue Genie?

The biggest feature of the Rescue Genie™ is the simplicity of the actual system. This allows the Genie to adapt itself to almost any emergency rescue scenario imaginable, i.e. Confined Spaces, over an edge inclined surfaces and in descent. In fact, when adapted correctly and adopting a few Rescue Genie extras, we cannot find an emergency scenario in which the Rescue Genie cannot perform its duty!

The Rescue Genie is truly astounding and soon to be the essential piece of Height Safety Rescue ingenuity that will set the standard for years to come.


We always advice that training is carried out we using the Genie Rescue kit. Click here to view the Genie Rescue training course.

For further information on this unique product or to arrange a site demonstration please contact our sales team on 01785 850333 or EMAIL US