Work at Height Terminology: Work Positioning, Work Restraint & Fall Arrest

Tue 7 May 2019
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Work at Height - Terminology

Work Positioning
Work Restraint
Fall Arrest

How often are these terms mis-used in industry?? Here are some definitions to help..

  • Work Positioning - a technique that enables a person to work supported in tension or suspension by personal fall protection equipment in such a way that a fall from a height is prevented or restricted (normally used in conjunction with an independently anchored back-up/fall arrest system)       
  • Work Restraint - a technique whereby a person is prevented - by means of personal fall protection equipment - from reaching zones where the risk of a fall from a height exists. This system is not designed to arrest a fall.
  • Fall Arresta system whereby the distance and consequences of a fall is minimised by use of an appropriate fall protection system, usually consisting of a full body harness connected to a suitable shock absorbing lanyard/system. This system will not prevent a free fall, only limit distance and impact force.

The differences between each system e.g. equipment, anchor strengths, suitability, rescue plan, are significant and should be understood by all involved.

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