PPE Legislation

European Union Legislation requires employers to safeguard the health and safety of their employees at work.


In the UK, this is enshrined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. In simple terms, an employer has a responsibility not only to supply employees with PPE which meets all the necessary performance requirements, but also to have in place systems which ensure that the Personal Protection Equipment is regularly monitored, inspected and maintained, ensuring that it is fit for purpose throughout the equipment's life.


The service we provide complies with the PPE at Work Regulations 1992, and BS8437:2005.

13.1 General

12.1.1 It essential that all load bearing equipment is given a visual and tactile inspection before each use to ensure that it is in a safe condition and operates correctly. Advice should be obtained from the manufacturer on how to do this, and this advice should be strictly followed.

13.1.2 Formal Inspection procedures should be put in place by employers to ensure that personal fall protection equipment is given a detailed inspection ("thorough examination")  by a competent person before first use and at intervals not exceeding six months (or three months where the equipment is used in arduous conditions), and after circumstances liable to jeopardise safety have occurred.

13.1.3 It is essential that the person carrying out a thorough examination is sufficiently independent and impartial to allow objective decisions to be made, i.e. they have appropriate and genuine authority to discard equipment. This does not mean that competent persons necessarily have to be employed from an external company.

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