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Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd is a leading provider of structural inspections using confined space man entry and industrial rope access techniques.

Now providing clients with the ability to survey pipes, culverts, voids, fresh water services and areas of restrictive room where man entry is unachievable.


CCTV can also be used to examine beyond the access point to ensure beyond reasonable doubt that a confined space has a safe breathable atmosphere and potential hazards can be viewed and recorded.

Using the most advanced technology the  ROVION® iPEK is capable of working in culverts up to 200 meters long depending on conditions found within the pipe system. The camera has the ability to measure cracks using its inbuilt laser system and the ability to record the measurements of bends, dimensions, areas of displacement, water levels and provide accurate distance of defects using its measuring device. The camera has autofocus, 120x zoom and shadow less LED light provides for clear images. With the new light ring, dark corners look almost like viewing in daylight; however, all surveys are subject to conditions of the confined space.

Key facts

  • Provides the ability to conform to the Health and Safety hierarchy of control
  • Can survey from 150mm-1200mm using the remote visual unit
  • Can survey 1200mm + via man entry
  • Can operate in culverts, pipes, voids, fresh water systems and difficult to access areas
  • Has LED lighting achieving clear video footage
  • Has the ability to record large areas of defects, cracks, displacement, dimensions and blockages/debris
  • Can neutral turn allowing the ability to pass debris
  • The Camera has an inbuilt sonde providing the ability to trace pipes/drains and others

Our Inspectors

Our entire Inspections team have undertaken extensive training to provide you with the following qualifications and services:

  • Remote CCTV Examinations
  • NEBOSH/IOSH Accredited Project Managers
  • General Inspections
  • Principal Inspections
  • Special Inspections
  • IRATA Rope Access
  • Confined Space techniques including high risk, escape BA, search and rescue
  • Structural Examiners Competency - STE 04
  • Working at Height Rescue
  • EUSR Water Hygiene
  • EUSR Substations

For more information about our Confined Space Rescue and support teams call us on: 0330 390 0822


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