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Does your company have trained confined space personnel who are required to enter a confined space infrequently?

How would your company cope with an emergency or injury in a confined space?

Our confined space search and rescue teams are highly experience technicians who have been tried and tested in the most demanding of environments. We offer bespoke rescue cover for power station outages, hazardous chambers, tanks and silos entry and working in hostile environments.

We are the industry's leading specialist for implementing emergency response procedures, crisis management and casualty extraction. We pride ourselves on using only the best search and rescue equipment, running regular training and demonstrations to ensure only the best service is provided.

Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd can now bring you and all-encompassing confined space rescue offer.

We've dedicated standby rescue teams and specialist confined space rescue consultants are highly experienced in confined spaces safety and provide both 'entry' and 'non-entry' rescue solutions to businesses throughout the UK.

All members of Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd confined space rescue teams undertake the following training:

  • City & Guilds Confined Space Search & Rescue
  • IRATA training. (IRATA is industrial rope access - a technique which is essential to fast recovery of casualties from vertical shafts).
  • First responders’ with specialist casualty packaging training.
  • Emergency First Aid at Works including Oxygen Resuscitation and automatic Defibrillation
  • Emergency crisis control.

All equipment required to conduct a successful rescue operation are included within our rates.

For more information about our Confined Space Rescue and support teams call us on: 0330 390 0822


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