Fall Arrest Systems

A Fall Arrest system is put in place to provide an operative with the maximum amount of freedom and movement when working at height, but in doing this it also allows the worker to reach, for example the edge of a rooftop where a fall is possible.

These Systems are put into place as a measure to reduce the impact of a persons fall if this occurs, preventing them from a life threatening accident at a lower level or the ground. The fall arrest system will also allow the  person to effect a self rescue or be rescued.

A Fall Protection system should always be chosen, where possible, over a fall arrest system as it is better to prevent the fall rather than to limit the damage of a fall.

Guide to Fall Arrest when Working At Height

We provide fall protection height safety training that is required for the use of fall arrest systems and this includes both theoretical and practical sessions so that users can match their understanding to real life situations. The theory side looks at all aspects from planning through to implementation and rescue. To view the courses click here.

The Power Tagline System

Power Tagline system provides access to overhead fall protection systems even when obstructions exist.

The Power Tagline System is ideal for use in applications where bridge cranes or other temporary overhead obstructions exist and fall protection is needed. The system provides easy, remote access to an overhead self retracting lifeline.

The Power Tagline system can be easily operated by one person. It can be remotely operated to lower the overhead mounted SRL’s lifeline to the floor, allowing the worker to connect it to their harness. The worker now fully protected can safely climb and move around to complete their tasks.

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