Fall Protection Anchor Points

Anchor Points / Eyebolts

All fall protection systems require a reliable point of connection. Anchor systems comprise the anchor device and structural anchor that fixes it to the substrate. Anchor systems can be a simple eye bolt, a post and base plate or complex continuous wire or rail based system. Regardless of the type of anchor used, the anchor device must be able to resist the loads that are required of it. The British Standard BS 8610: 2017 sets out the requirements and test methods for type testing anchor systems.

A simple form of anchor is the eyebolt and we supply a range of fixed and removable eyebolts and single point anchors that can be installed on most buildings.  Conventional eyebolts are available in a range of different finishes including;

Galvanised steel
Stainless steel
White as standard.

Pushlock Eyebolts

Pushlock safety eyebolts provide a discreet, yet highly effective alternative to conventional ones whose aesthetics can impair the visual characteristic of their environment. The Pushlock socket is permanently installed into the structure. When required, a user can insert a pushlock eyebolt into the socket to create a secure anchor. 

The socket cover caps are available in a range of finishes, including:

Prestige brass
Stainless steel
White (other colours are also available to order)

Freestanding Weighted Anchors 

These EN 795 Type E anchors provide a single point anchor for users that need temporary access to flat roofs or structures. They are suitable for pitches of up to and including 5 degrees, and where it is impractical to install more traditional fall protection systems. They remove the need to permanently attach the anchor to a structural element however, due to their weight, careful consideration should be given to the strength and finish of the surface on which they will be put.

All of our anchor point products have been tested and approved for use on roofs of various material, including: 

Single ply membrane 
Bitumen membrane
Asphalt-sanded, asphalt-stone chipped and steel profile roofs

Due to the inherent risks of working at height, it’s critical that you work with the right safety partner. With us, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from working with a technically competent partner that offers high-quality solutions. We can help you select the right type of eyebolt or anchor point for your circumstances and help you maintain compliance with the relevant standards and regulations (EN 795, BS 8610 & BS 7883).  

Installation, Testing and Certification

Eyebolts and anchor points should be installed as part of a complete fall protection solution by a competent company and be inspected every six months to maintain safety standards. As experts in fall protection solutions, we offer a full design service, installation of the product and can provide ongoing annual inspection and certification. 

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For more information about our fall protection anchor point products, or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact our experts 0330 390 0822 or email info@arcoservices.co.uk.

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