Fall Protection Anchor Points

Eyebolts and single point anchors conforming to BS EN 795 are designed to offer the individual fall protection for window cleaning or general maintenance.

Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd offers a range of fixed and removable eyebolts and single point anchors, which can be installed to most building/construction types.

Conventional Eyebolts

Conventional eyebolts are available in a range of different finishes including;

  • galvanised steel
  • stainless steel
  • white as standard.


poshlock eyebolt


The Pushlock safety eyebolt provides a discreet yet highly effective alternative to conventional eyebolts. While conventional eyebolts meet the safety requirements, their aesthetics can impair the visual characteristic of the office, hotel or housing environment. The Pushlock socket is permanently installed into the structure, when required the worker inserts a Pushlock eyebolt into the socket to create a secure anchor. The socket cover caps are available in a prestige brass finish, stainless steel, white and other colours to order.

Click on the image left to see a demonstration of the Pushlock.



 Freestanding Weighted Anchors

Freestanding weighted anchors provide a single point anchor conforming to BS EN 795 Class E for workers requiring temporary access to flat roofs or structures, of pitches up to and including 5 degrees and where it is impractical to install more traditional type fall protection systems.
They have been tested and approved for use on concrete, single ply membrane, bitumen membrane, asphalt-sanded, asphalt-stone chipped and steel profile roofs.

Maintenance, Testing and Recertification

It is a legislative requirement that eyebolts and single point anchors for the purpose of fall protection are inspected and certified a minimum of once every twelve months; abseil anchors must also undergo a six monthly visual inspection under LOLER, all must be performed by a suitably qualified person.

We offer a full range of testing and recertification services including an eyebolt testing service.
For further details of any of the above products, please contact one of our Fall Protection team on: 0330 3900822 OR  EMAIL US