Roof Safety Systems

With over 20 years of experience our highly experienced Fall Protection department is able to advise, design and install a wide range of roof safety systems from the leading manufacturers in the field to suit any requirement.

All roofs require safe access for maintenance, inspections and roof works and so it is important to consider the right roof safety system for the type of roof, and work that is being carried out.

Examples of situations where rooftop fall protection is needed:

1, Roof Access: Access via ladders and roof hatches

2, Roof Edges: Access required for gutter cleaning, leakage checks, inspection and maintenance to the rest of the roof

3, Roof Plant: Air conditioning units, satellite dishes and solar panels all need regular checks

4, Walkways: Walkways should be accompanied by a fall protection system

5, Rooflights: Fall protection required for cleaning and maintenance

Falls from height are the largest cause of death and serious accident in construction and roof accidents account for around 25% of these. Working on roofs can be dangerous and falls occur:

  • from the edges of roofs;
  • through gaps or holes in roofs;
  • and through fragile roof materials and roof lights.

Accidents don’t just happen to those building roofs, but also to people maintaining, cleaning, demolishing and inspecting them.

A safe means of entry and exit on to and off the rooftop is essential, the Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd Fall Protection team can provide you with the correct system to safely access your rooftop. There are two types of Ladder safety systems, wire based and rail based.

A wire based system can be installed to follow the contours of the structure and so maximise their safety value in a working environment.  Free running attachment devices provide operatives with the security of being constantly attached to the system while also having both hands free to go about their duties.

Systems can be designed to be bespoke and suit the style and look of your building’s rooftop.


A rail based system can be attached to existing fixed ladders or as a complete ladder with built in safety rail for new access installations, rail based systems can be specified in aluminium, hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel to suit even the harshest environments.

To find out more about our ladder safety systems visit our page, here.

When working on the rooftop a roof fall protection system, such as a guardrail, walkways, skylight and fragile roof protection should be considered. Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd's Fall Protection team can provide and install the correct fall protection system for any roof.

All are designed to completely remove the risk of a fall from height and comply with all relevant British and European standards.

The guardrail system's design provides permanent edge protection without the need to mechanically fix the system through the roofing membrane or building's structure. It has been specifically designed to provide permanent edge protection where regular access for maintenance and inspection is required.

Our Fall Protection Department can design supply and fit, Roof Protection for Skylight and Fragile rooftops, and Fall Protection Walkways, Ladders & Stairs.

Collective fall protection solutions for use around skylights, rooflights and dome lights are provided through a modular, free standing system. Using a combination of bearer sizes and fixing kits, our fall protection department can supply PVC-U or aluminium anti-slip walkway compatible with the majority of roofing systems in the UK. We can also design, manufacture and install access ladders and stairs to suit almost any application, made from aluminium, galvanized or stainless steel.

For more information about all our fall protection systems, guardrails and collective protection,  click here.