Testing & Recertification

  • Testing & Recertification


All fall protection systems including eye bolts and single point anchors used for the purpose of fall protection, fall arrest & restraint, must be tested and carry a test certificate to comply with HSE legislation. 

These procedures are often known as eye bolt testing, safety eye bolt testing, safety system testing and recertification.

Following initial installation, the system(s) must be annually inspected and tested by a competent and qualified person to ensure it is in a safe working condition in accordance with section 12 BS 7883:2005.  If the certification for your system(s) does expire, it is your responsibility to ensure that no one is allowed to use the system(s).

For 20 years, we have provided nationwide coverage using our manufacturer trained engineers to both install and service the wide range of fall protection and abseil systems including Latchways, Capital Safety, Sala, Metreel and Soll.  Via our comprehensive database, existing customers can trust us to manage their annual recertification visits in a timely manner and so maintain the compliance of their installed safety system(s).



In the event of system failure or non-compliance during the annual test, full reports and guidance on required remedial action will be provided.

To book a free site visit to survey your current safety systems and discuss your requirements please contact Sales on: 0330 3900822 or info@arcoservices.co.uk.