Rope Access Bridge Inspections

Safety Solutions Designed to Help You Achieve Effective Bridge Inspections 

Our national team of specialist structural examiners undertake inspections of a wide range of structures offering the following services:
• Highway Principal and General Inspections
• Railway Detailed Examinations
• Inspection for Assessments
• Special inspections
• Scour surveys
• Topographical Surveys
Our inspection service aims to keep disruption to our customer and third parties to a minimum. Rope access can provide a cheaper alternative to cradles, scaffolding and access platforms, especially on short duration inspection work which often comes with limited working hours such as rail possessions, plant isolations and planned shutdown periods.
Inspections vary from simple visual to full in-depth tactile examination, detailing corrosion effects, dimensional analysis and condition, through to full Non-Destructive Testing of metallic and reinforced concrete structures.
The competence of our inspection staff is essential to provide peace of mind to our customers that the acquisition of information from the structure is not only relevant but gathered and reported in a standardised manner. Our team are highly competent in the inspection of assets and include LANTRA BICS and STE04 accredited structural examiners.

How can we help? 

If you wish to transfer the risk of undertaking these necessary inspections to a professional & competent provider, then we are the partner of choice. 

Please give us a call now so that we can fully scope your requirements and give you the peace of mind that your inspection regime will be managed effectively