Providing high-impact advertising with minimal disruption to your building facade

High level signs and banners offer a high impact and highly-visible way to reach your target audience, but present their own specific risks. 

Signs and banners can be hung from a wide variety of buildings and structures by our experienced rope access teams, in a safe, efficient, cost effective manner. 

Our services include the access, installation, and removal of banners, neons, and signs on both internal and external building facades. 

Our experienced team of rope access technicians have installed signs and banners required for the redevelopment of buildings, football stadiums, and structures. Our Rope Access installation services also include:

• Initial survey to determine installation and fixing method
• Full fitting and sign installation service
• Installation of associated frames if required

Some of our team’s more elaborate work includes our service of the secret installation of the OXO Tower in London. The reveal of the tower was used to launch the PlayStation 4 and attracted a large media following. 

While we understand the value of advertising media, we also know the costs that this can incur. By working with Arco Professional Safety Services, you’ll benefit from an alternative solution to costly scaffolding to access your building facade. 

We have vast experience in high level sign installation and banner installation, and we’re fully equipped to install and remove a wide range of advertising media.

Get in touch today to find out more about how our Sign Installation and Removal service can help keep you, your business and your people safe.