Rope Access Inspections and Surveys

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Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd has an experienced Rope Access Inspection Department, that is dedicated to the inspection and survey of various types of structures.



Our strength lies in our commitment to supplying competent personnel whose qualifications and experience are commensurate with the requirements of our customers. We have earned a reputation for developing and refining techniques and solutions to overcome both access and inspection problems.

We carry out inspections of a wide range of structures including: storage tanks, ventilation or service shafts, tunnels, culverts, chimneys, masts, pylons, dams, bridges and high-rise buildings.

Our inspection service aims to keep disruption to the customer and third parties to a minimum. Rope access can provide a cheaper alternative to cradles, scaffolding and access platforms, especially on short duration inspection work which often comes with limited working hours such as rail possessions, plant isolations and planned shut down periods.

Inspections vary from simple visual to full in-depth tactile examination, detailing corrosion effects, dimensional analysis and condition, through to full Non-Destructive Testing of metallic and reinforced concrete structures.

The competence of our inspection staff is essential to provide peace of mind to our customers that the acquisition of information from the structure is not only relevant but gathered and reported in a standadised manner.

Our Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS) is based on the NVQ scheme, using ENTO guidelines and which is administered by our Internal Verifier. Training and assessment of core inspection skills is delivered by approved Assessors and includes:

  • Basic structural mechanics
  • Structural elements - concrete, steel, masonry and timber
  • Building fabrics - masonry, timber, glass and GRP
  • Structure types
  • Failure mechanisms
  • In-service defects
  • Recognising and dealing with serious defects

CAMS has been developed so that it can be used with a number of External Competence Standards i.e Network Rail Standard NR/SP/CIV/047 and which can be externally verified by the schemes authorised auditors. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a particular competence requirement.

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