CITB Grants Now Available: Approved Training Organisation (ATO)

What is an approved training centre (ATO)?

An ATO is a training provider, construction employer’s in-house training department or educational establishment which has been awarded approved status by CITB.  This means their training courses and qualifications are of high industry standard.  The aim is to build a stronger more resilient workforce within the construction industry by providing training that has been quality assured by CITB.

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What does it mean for employers?

Booking training with an ATO means that eligible employers in the construction industry are entitled to claim grants towards the cost of training.  This can be construction specific training, health & safety training or management/supervisory training.  

Grant claims are made by the ATO once the learner as completed the course.  This is done within 10 days of competition.  Once processed by CITB an automatic payment is made to the employer. 

What courses are eligible?

Arco Professional Safety Services have several courses that are eligible for grants.  They are listed below along with the amount you are eligible to claim:

High Risk Confined Space – Tier 1 £30pp

Medium Risk Confined Space – Tier 1 £30pp

Harness & Lanyard User – Tier 1 £30pp

Ladder Safety – Tier 1 £30pp

Ladder Inspection – Tier 1 £30pp

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection – Tier 1 £30pp

IRATA Rope Access – Tier 2 £70pp

Working at Height Awareness – Tier 1 £30pp

SHEA Gas Passport– Tier 1 £30pp

SHEA Power Passport – Tier 1 £30pp

SHEA Waste Passport – Tier 1 £30pp

SHEA Water Passport - Tier 1 £30pp

NRSWA Unit 1, 2 & 3 Excavation in the road/highway – Tier 2 £70pp

NRSWA Unit 1, 10 & 11 Monitoring excavation in the road/highway Tier 3 £120pp

NRSWA Unit 10 Monitoring signing, lighting and guarding Tier 1 £30pp

NRSWA Unit 2 Signing, lighting and guarding Tier 1 £30pp

NRSWA Operative Full 5 day course Tier 3 £120pp

NRSWA Supervisor Full 5 day course Tier 3 £120pp

Construction Training Directory

The Construction Training Directory is an online catalogue of courses where individuals or employers can search for a course and find an ATO they can book with.  This search can be done by anyone as you do not need a log in to access the information. All the courses listed are approved by CITB which means they are eligible for CITB grants for employers and they will be delivered to a defined standard that has been developed within the industry.

Construction Training Register

The Construction Training Register (CTR) is an online database containing individuals training qualifications.   This is where the ATO will upload individual achievements.  Once the achievement has been uploaded It will take CITB 48 hours to process. After this time the individual or employer can log in and search for the relevant qualification to prove the individual has completed that course.

If you would like us to make a claim for a course you are booking with us, then please make a note on your booking form and we will send you our ATO Grant Claim form to complete with the details we require.  If you are booking through our website, then please drop us an email to