Confined Space Low Risk Training

Providing competence training to enter low risk confined spaces 

This specialist training course will give your employees the necessary skills and competencies to work safely in low-risk confined space environments.

These usually don’t require the use of breathing apparatus, either because the risk of a hazardous atmosphere is very low, or the time taken to leave the space is less than the time it takes to put on the apparatus.

Low-risk confined spaces are generally entered by a single entrant for lone working, and have:
• A simple, unobstructed entry and exit
• Adequate natural ventilation
• No likely flooding risk

How can we help?

Even in confined space environments deemed low-risk, it’s vital that you choose the right training provider to keep your people and business safe.

We pride ourselves on offering practical and immersive training, ensuring that your employees are engaged and challenged throughout. Plug knowledge and skill gaps in your business using our low-risk confined spaces training course as part of a relevant learning package.

Our experienced and qualified instructors take a pragmatic approach to learning, based on their strong industrial backgrounds. They will ensure your employees understand the importance of having designated emergency personnel in high-risk confined spaces.

All of our training can be delivered on or off-site according to your needs and can cater for many different learning styles. Our courses are easy to book and simple to organise re-qualification as necessary.

For more information about our low-risk confined space training, call 0330 3900822 or email our experts

Our Confined Space Low Risk Training Courses