Confined Space Rescue Training

Providing competence training to effectively rescue casualties from confined spaces 

Where work in confined spaces is required at your sites, you have a legal duty to identify and assess the risks to your people and take the necessary measures to keep them safe.

Part of this means arranging for rescue in the event of an emergency. If you don’t want to outsource these services, we can train your employees to be competent in rescue techniques.

If you believe that risk transfer is your best option based on lack of experience, cost saving reasons or piece of mind then let our confined space rescue teams take on the role of managing your confined space rescue activities

How can we help? 

Due to the nature of rescuing employees who have suffered casualties from confined spaces, it is absolutely critical you choose the right training provider.

Our experienced and qualified instructors have strong industrial backgrounds. They will ensure your employees understand the importance of having designated personnel with competencies in confined space rescue.

We pride ourselves in offering practical and immersive training, ensuring that your employees are engaged throughout. Plug knowledge and skill gaps in your business, using our confined space rescue course as part of a relevant learning package.

This course can be delivered on or off-site and can be catered for different learning styles. This allows you to find the best solution for your business and your employees.

For more information about our confined space rescue training, call 0330 3900822 or email our experts

Our Confined Space Rescue Training Courses