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Renewable energy is continuing to play a vital role in our move towards a more sustainable future. The Wind industry is currently experiencing a ‘boom’ with countries around the world committing to clean energy policies and greener thinking. Investment and government backing to continue the growth of this form of energy production is resulting in the demand for skilled wind professionals with Global Wind Organisation or GWO qualifications such as Wind Turbine Climber traing to help drive the industry forward. As there are many career paths available - depending on interests, qualifications, and transferable skills/experience – you should consider all avenues when deciding which route to take. The following career mapping tool may be useful for an overview of employment options

Workers may be transitioning from other forms of energy production or new to the industry, either way, if you are looking for a career in the wind and renewables sector it helps to understand the basic competencies required. Employers will require specific skillsets and qualifications depending on the project and job role, however the starting point for any career in the Wind industry is the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) qualifications. 


The Global Wind Organisation(GWO) sets the international standard for safety training and emergency procedures in the global wind industry. The minimum basic safety training qualifications required by all offshore personnel in the wind industry include:

  • GWO Working at Height
  • GWO Manual Handling
  • GWO First Aid
  • GWO Fire Awareness
  • GWO Sea Survival*

*Onshore personnel are not required to complete GWO Sea Survival training.

The courses can be completed individually or as part of a GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) package which is offered by most GWO approved training providers. 

GWO Training Venues:

The full list of GWO training standards are available here

Delegate course feedback score*:

wind turbine climber training score
*delegate rating is out of 10 (10 being high and 1 being low)
and is an average of the scores received for the training,
assessment and facilities.

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