Rooftop Safety Training

Our Rooftop Safety Training provides delegates with detailed knowledge of rooftop safety issues and enables them to identify hazards and reduce the risks of working on a rooftop with unprotected edges by selecting the correct personal protective equipment and the correct methods of working e.g. fall arrest or fall restraint.  

This does not cover pitched roofs.

A theory session is included where the Working at Height Regulations and other relevant legislation is covered along with risk assessments, hazards and control measures.  This is then demonstrated in a practical session whereby delegates are taught to select the correct personal protective equipment, carry out pre-use checks on this equipment then don it correctly.

Delegates are then shown and practice how to safely use various fall protection systems that are commonly found on rooftops.  Delegates are also shown and practice climbing techniques if access to the rooftop is via a fixed ladder.  Our Rooftop Safety Training also includes the safe use of fixed and portable ladders.

Our Rooftop Safety Training Courses

Why do I need Rooftop Safety training?

You will require Rooftop Safety training if you are working on flat roofs that have a man safe system installed such as a Latchways system.  It will also include the use of portable and fixed ladders in order to access the roof safely. 

How long will my rooftop safety training certificate last for?

Your Rooftop Safety & Access certificate will be valid for 3 years.