Wind Turbine Climber Training

Wind Turbine Climber training is aimed at personnel who are required to access or work on wind turbines generators. (WTG)

Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd is an approved training centre for Renewables UK (RUK) and the Global Wind Organisation (GWO). Our two day Wind Turbine Climber training includes the elements of safe systems of work, equipment selection and inspection, risk assessment, wind turbine safety rules (WTSR) and emergency procedures, evacuation and rescue using appropriate wind turbine descent equipment.

Our Wind Turbine Climber Training Courses

What will I learn on the course

•    Carryout a risk assessment of work at height issues (including requirements for rescue).
•    Demonstrate the ability to select and use a range of personal protective equipment for work at height including your harness.
•    To show that you know the correct method of storing and handling and care of your PPE.
•    Climb and work at height using lanyards and associated safety equipment.
•    Carry out rescues and know the correct rescue equipment
•    Suspension trauma & emergency procedures.
•    Evacuation techniques.
•    Rescue & evacuation from the motor room or ladder.


What equipment will I use

Arco Professional Safety Services utilise the very latest in evacuation and rescue equipment including the SKYLOTEC Milan Hub.

For more information about Wind Turbine Equipment and specifically the Milan 2.0 and Milan Hub ARG 2001

Renewable UK & the Global Wind Organisation (GWO)

Renewable UK is the trade and professional body for the UK wind and marine renewables industries. Renewable UK is the leading renewable energy trade association in the UK. Their primary purpose is to promote the use of wind, wave and tidal power in and around the UK. They research and find solutions to current issues and act as the forum for the UK wind, wave and tidal industry.

The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) is an association of wind turbine owners and manufacturers. GWO have developed a Standard for Basic Safety Training in response to the demand for high level training in the industry.