Spill containment and control consultancy

  • Spill containment and control consultancy

The physical and financial effects of a spill can be catastrophic to a business

Where businesses use substances that have a potential to cause an increased risk of illness or injury if employees are exposed to them, there is a legislative requirement to have plans in place to reduce this risk so far as is reasonably practicable. 

Failing to comply with the legislation could not only affect a business’ reputation, but also the lives of those within it. 

These risks are very diverse and depend upon the substances in use but range from fire and explosion to chemical burns, death from toxic materials, and long-term ill health resulting from exposure. Arco Professional Safety Services will work with you to ensure appropriate plans, assessments, and control mechanisms are in place, ensuring we minimise exposure and possible escalation of the situation.

Our team of experts are highly competent and qualified to undertake these assessments and, once plans are in place, provide training for employees to ensure control measures and procedures are understood.

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