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Working at Height Consultancy

Critical health & safety insight where it matters most

Working at Height is a high-risk, high harm environment that has the potential to result in serious injuries or fatalities.
Our health and safety experts can help you identify these risks and provide you with a range of practical solutions to help keep your people safe.

You will have access to consultants who have built a strong reputation for providing workable, no-nonsense solutions. Strategic input from impartial experts who will take the time to work closely with you, utilising their extensive experience to understand your environment before making recommendations for improvements.

Our consultants have a diverse background and work with some of the largest organisations in the UK covering a range of industrial sectors.

We can provide you with support in the following areas:

  • Compliance audit and written report in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, Working at Height Regulations (Amended) 2007, all relevant British Standards (BS7883:2019), Codes of Practice and written manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Review and creation of risk assessments and safe systems of work
  • Emergency procedures and planning for rescue when working at height.
  • Working at Height PPE, systems and equipment. Impartial expert advice and detailed tailored report from product selection, inspections and servicing through to training and management.
  • Buildings strategy and audits. Written reports are created based on the established principles, or ‘hierarchy of risk’ with detailed specification of the most appropriate systems for accessing the rooftop, façade and other areas for cleaning and maintenance.
Signal Climbing

All of our recommendations include competency and equipment requirements as standard.

Our specialist consultants are highly experienced in all aspects of working at heights and example reports can be provided on request.

If you are interested in our working at height consultancy services

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  • Work At Height Training

    Working at height involves accessing work locations which have an inherent risk of falling. It is not surprising that falling from height is the leading cause of workplace fatalities due to its prevalence in almost every industry sector, and the severe consequences of an accident occurring. However, there are numerous access systems to help mitigate the risk, from the basic to very complex.

  • Fall Protection

    With falls from height being the most common cause of fatality and serious injury in the workplace fall protection is vitally important and Arco Professional Safety Services can help make this a safer environment. Falls can occur from the edges of roofs, through gaps or holes in roofs, through corroded roof sheets and through fragile roof materials such as roof lights. Falls from height can also happen to people maintaining, cleaning, demolishing and inspecting buildings, industrial plant and machinery.

  • Working At Height Rescue

    As the experts in safety, we can provide the right equipment for your working at height that suits your needs. Our experts can work with you to identify training needs as appropriate.


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