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Confined Space Services

We can help you with confined space needs

Transferring confined space risk to keep your people safe

Working in confined spaces can be dangerous. When the risk presented to your employees is too high, it’s critical that you transfer it from them to our highly trained experts.

By outsourcing to our specialists, you can avoid the risk of being non-compliant as well as reduce the in-house costs of performing these tasks for infrequent or ad-hoc services.

Confined Space Worker
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Our confined space support services include:

  • Supervision
  • Rescue

Our expert teams are handpicked, highly driven individuals who are at the forefront in their field. We employ qualified surveyors, engineers, timed-served search and rescue teams and experienced project managers with proven IOSH and NEBOSH Health and Safety accreditations. The team’s knowledge and experience mean that they can provide simple, practical and clear suggestions.

For more information on confined space services or to discuss your specific requirements, contact our highly experienced team.

Please call us on 0330 3900822 or email

Casualty Extraction
  • Confined Space Consultancy

    Working in confined spaces is a high-risk, high-harm environment that has the potential to result in serious injuries or fatalities. Our consultants have built a strong reputation for providing workable, no-nonsense solutions. Strategic input from impartial experts on your project really makes a difference. Confident and expert independent advice can often simplify a project and save time and money.

  • Confined Space Training

    Working in confined spaces can mean exposure to dangerous and life-threatening hazards, therefore in order to work safely, correct training is essential. Employers have a legal requirement to ensure their employees are trained, and a duty of care to ensure the training provided is appropriate for the work being undertaken. With our wide range of courses associated with different awarding organisations and tailor-made training courses you can stay fully and legally compliant.

  • Confined Space Rescue

    We are the industry’s leading specialist for implementing emergency response procedures, crisis management and casualty extraction. Our dedicated standby rescue teams and specialist confined space rescue consultants are highly experienced and provide both ‘entry’ and ‘non-entry’ rescue solutions to businesses throughout the UK. Teams can operate as standby teams to support your entry teams or our own team can provide the rescue provision for you.