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Working at Height

The expertise your people need while working at height

Working at height involves accessing work locations which have an inherent risk of falling. It is not surprising that falling from height is the leading cause of workplace fatalities due to its prevalence in almost every industry sector, and the severe consequences of an accident occurring. However, there are numerous access systems to help mitigate the risk, from the basic to very complex. The access system chosen should be based on a thorough risk assessment, including the practicalities of completing a work task whilst using a particular system.
The large variety of access systems and personal fall protection equipment make it paramount that those conducting risk assessments, planning works, and ultimately using the equipment, are trained and competent to do so. We provide a range of work at height training, courses and services, focusing mainly on the higher risk area of – Personal Fall Protection Systems. These access systems require more in-depth user knowledge and a safe learning environment to practice techniques under supervision.

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