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Confined Space Consultancy & Advice

Confined Space Training

Critical health and safety insight where it matters most

Working in confined spaces is a high-risk, high-harm environment that has the potential to result in serious injuries or fatalities.

Our consultants have built a strong reputation for providing workable, no-nonsense solutions. Strategic input from impartial experts on your project really makes a difference. Confident and expert independent advice can often simplify a project and save time and money.

Our consultancy services are bespoke and tailored to meet client’s individual and varied needs ranging from smaller drainage contractors through to emergency services, national utility providers and national and internationally known manufacturing giants.

Our consultants can provide:

  • Policy / procedure writing and implementation
  • Risk assessments, safe systems of work and emergency procedures
  • Verbal / formal written advice and recommendations
  • Confined space classification, production of confined space registers
  • Advice on current best practice, including details on the latest National Occupation Standards (NOS) and Awarding Organisations (AOs) accreditations
  • Contractor supervision and auditing
  • Emergency planning and crisis management
  • Education on procedure for entry, equipment selection, confined space management and standing operating procedures
Confined Space Consultancy

All of our recommendations include competency and equipment requirements as standard.

Our specialist consultants are highly experienced in confined space entry and regularly join our operational teams providing on-site services to clients.

Download our brochure below or watch our video for more information on our specialist training facilities and the courses we offer.

For more information about confined space consultancy services or to discuss your specific requirements, contact our highly experienced team.

Please call us on 0330 390 0822 or email

Confined Space Consultancy Information
  • Confined Space Services

    Working in confined spaces can be dangerous. When the risk presented to your employees is too high, it’s critical that you transfer it from them to our highly trained experts. By outsourcing to our specialists, you can avoid the risk of being non-compliant as well as reduce the in-house costs of performing these tasks for infrequent or ad-hoc services.

  • Confined Space Training

    Working in confined spaces can mean exposure to dangerous and life-threatening hazards, therefore in order to work safely, correct training is essential. Employers have a legal requirement to ensure their employees are trained, and a duty of care to ensure the training provided is appropriate for the work being undertaken. With our wide range of courses associated with different awarding organisations and tailor-made training courses you can stay fully and legally compliant.

  • Face Fit Testing

    Our team of Respiratory Technicians are available to support you throughout the UK with the implementation of an effective Respiratory Management Programme. If you wear a tight-fitting respirator for protection against hazards at work, you will be required to have a face fit test to make sure the respirator fits correctly and therefore protects the wearer from the hazard.

  • Hire

    We offer a comprehensive range of kit available from leading specialist manufacturers. The flexibility of our offer ensures that you have the most cost-effective solution to your confined space project. Contracts are based on the minimum hire period of one-week, longer terms to a maximum of five years are available and can include all servicing and maintenance requirements. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure of the availability of reliable equipment when you need it.