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Occupational Health

A proactive approach to workplace health

We have partnered with a leading occupational health provider to offer access to doctor-led teams of expert clinical staff. Services are delivered at your site, or at one of 16 clinics near you. To view our comprehensive list of occupational health services, please view our brochure.

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Medical assessments

Medical assessments are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of your organisation and sector. From train drivers and oil and gas offshore workers to those who work at a desk or in a warehouse, you will have access to experts who will provide the assurance that your new starter is fit for task.

Medical Assessment

Health surveillance

Health surveillance is a programme for checking the impact that the hazards of your workplace may be having on your employees. You have a responsibility to protect your team from the effects of noise, vibration, harmful substances, and other hazards. We can support your health surveillance programmes through assessments that monitor the impact of these hazards.

Mental Health
Employee Wellbeing

Management referrals

Management referrals can help your organisation to take a proactive approach to the health of your workforce. Impartial, expert advice from our clinicians can help you to make management decisions regarding individual cases of ill health in your team. The management referral report will help get your staff back into the workplace following illness, and improve morale and productivity.

Please download our Occupational Health Services Brochure

Please download our Occupational Health Services Brochure for full information on the services we offer

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