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Compliance and Safety Management

Managing your employees training, medicals, equipment & lifting accessories/inspections, portable appliance testing can be time consuming and costly to you and often gets overlooked during busy times.

Here at Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd we offer to take care of all this for you including all the relevant certification giving you peace of mind that your employees/equipment are fully compliant with legislation.

Our clients do not necessarily take all that our Managed service has to offer, but we tailor make our offer for each company. We will make sure you get the perfect service you need.


You may use an insurance company to carry out an annual audit/inventory of your assets but you need to check if they have the required competency to inspect and certify.

  • Are they qualified to check the equipment?
  • Can they say that is it fit for purpose?
  • Have they got manufacturer’s approved status to service?

Very often insurance companies will simply make an inventory (numbers, make, model, type) to ensure there is adequate insurance cover rather than complete a thorough inspection in accordance with the PPE Regulations 2022 and BS8437:2022.

We are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008

Employers have an obligation under both European and UK Employment law to safeguard the health and safety of employees.

In the UK requirements are set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974. This is clearly a major consideration for those employees Working at Height or in Confined Spaces.

Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd’s managed care programme is designed to allow the employer to focus on their core business rather than burden over stretched resources with these requirements. It has the additional benefits in that our technical expertise and test facilities will ensure that the original performance specifications are maintained and the PPE retains its physical integrity to ensure wearer’s safety.

Services available to meet your requirements

  • Cost saving on in-house staff resource
  • Fixed prices for term of contract
  • Assured compliance
  • Technical advisory resource
  • Notification on product recalls, expiry of all training certificates, medicals and inspections of all your assets
  • Delivery/Collection service
  • Routine inspections on site or at agreed locations
  • Repair/Servicing of PPE where possible
  • Allocate the PPE to wearer and location, as required
  • Online access to tracking available 24/7
  • Sanctioned kit-paid stock can be held of equipment at Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd
  • Monthly reports on services provided (KPI’s)
  • Management reports to monitor loss/damaged goods, projected spend, equipment inventory, etc
  • Regular contract review meetings
  • Dedicated service Co-ordinators for each customer

For more information please contact our Compliance and Safety Management Department:

For more information please contact our Compliance and Safety Management Department:

Please call us on 0330 390 0822 or email

Alternatively, you can complete an enquiries form and a member of our Management Department will get back to you.:

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