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Sundstrom Servicing at Arco

Sundstrom Servicing at Arco

Protecting employees with suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is just one step to ensure the quality of their health. Poorly maintained respiratory equipment may not offer the assumed level of protection to the wearer. Not only is there a duty to employers to keep workers safe, but there is also a legal requirement under COSHH Regulation 9 to maintain and inspect respiratory equipment. Inspections should be undertaken regularly by a competent person, generally monthly, but no less frequent than three-monthly. Inspection records should also be kept for a minimum of five years to ensure you remain compliant.

While Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) might look clean on the outside, it is even more important to ensure wearers are receiving an adequate level of protection from inside the product. Maintaining RPE on a regular basis will help maximise product longevity and therefore employer investment. Our nationwide offer makes it easy to keep respiratory equipment up to the job while minimising downtime.


Service Packages

Our 2 to 5 year service packages are tailored to meet business requirements and help maintain equipment, manage administrative records and keep workers protected. Let us take care of your respiratory management needs and help you remain compliant.

Get in touch to talk to us about our servicing packages:

Please call us on 0330 390 0822 or email


Service Packages Explained Sundstrom service packag

Inspection and maintenance of RPE:

RPE is inspected and maintained by a Sundström Certified Technician giving you peace of mind.

Technician visits

Our technicians will visit your site regular intervals (as determined by your risk assessment) to undertake inspection of your RPE, to keep you compliant with COSHH Reg 9. We can also conduct a risk assessment for you to determine how frequently your equipment must be inspected through our additional consultancy service.

Nationwide cover

We are the only nationwide service provider for Sundström RPE offering inspection and servicing at your sites, across the UK. Alternatively, you have the option to send equipment to one of our dedicated Sundström workshops located in Hull, Warrington, Linlithgow, Stafford or Bracknell. For details on our Safety Centre locations, click here .


Annual servicing and diagnostics testing


To maintain equipment correctly and make sure it is providing adequate protection, an annual service is required for half masks, full-face masks and Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR). These can be carried out on site or at one of our dedicated workshops and are included within either of our service packages.

We can extend your Sundström warranty (for powered unit, fan and motor) for up to 2500 hours if we carry out annual service diagnostic checks from date of purchase.

We can also offer you a separate annual service package if RPE inspections are undertaken in-house by a trained and competent person and you only require this element.


RPE record management levelServicing Computer

When owning RPE, product records should be valid, up-to-date and always available for inspection for up to 5 years. Our Customer Asset Tracking (CAT) platform allows you to centralise and simplify much of the administration associated with managing safety critical equipment. Depending on the service package you take out you will have access to our CAT system with varying levels of functionality and support from our managed services team. For the full features and benefits included within the service packages, click here .


All consumable spare parts

Total Care Package – all consumable spare parts are priced and included within our fully comprehensive service plan for both 2 and 5 years. The cost of replacement batteries, fan units, filters and complete head tops is not included within this package.

Service Package – all consumable spare parts including batteries, fan units, filter and complete head tops are to be replaced as and when needed and will be invoiced separately to the package price.


Enquire About our Servicing Packages

Contact us using our Sundstrom Servicing Enquiry Form and one of our team will get in touch to discuss your requirements.