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Fire Management Training

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order requires employers to manage potential fire hazards within the workplace

Fire management under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 takes many forms. Starting with completing workplace assessments for fire safety, targeting prevention but ensuring appropriate fire fighting equipment and escape routes with assembly points are in place.
Fire Extinguishers

Training for employees on evacuation and fire fighting techniques is also a basic requirement depending upon the type and complexity of the business operation and equipment available.

Arco Professional Safety Services can provide you with highly competent consultation to undertake fire risk assessments and advise on potential improvements on current operational practices. Additionally, the provision of training to an appropriate level from basic classroom sessions, to practical firefighting using extinguishers.

Where fire risk is high, we can also provide consultancy on the Dangerous Substances Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR) where appropriate and provide assessments, recommend improvements and undertake employee training as appropriate to ensure competency with the workforce.

Fire Marshal training is also available to ensure company compliance with the regulations and competency to manage fire evacuation, response and co-ordination with the emergency services as required when fires occur. This course suits colleagues who are going to be appointed Fire Marshals/Wardens, as well as supervisors or management colleagues who are able to support should any incident arise.

  • E-Learning

    Online Learning – We have also moved a range of our training courses to a virtual delivery option, whereby the courses are delivered remotely by a real trainer at a set time through an e-classroom, which allows for interaction between the training and individual(s).

  • Online Shop

    You need to know your people have the right kit for the job. We’ll help you find the right combination of products for your specific risks. Visit our shop to find a range of individual products and bespoke kit solutions.

  • Managed Services

    Managing your employees training, medicals, equipment and lifting accessories/inspections and portable appliance testing can be time consuming and costly to you and often gets overlooked during busy times. Our managed services offer is designed to allow the employer to focus on their core business rather than burden over stretched resources with these requirements.


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