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Environmental Noise Assessment

An environmental noise survey is performed in accordance with the latest regulations to ensure that you meet the environmental criteria set by your local authority.

British Standards BS4142 or BS7445 are methods for rating and assessing industrial or commercial noise.

Environmental noise is ‘unwanted sound’ by everything from transport, industrial and recreational activities. If you are a company which creates noise, you must ensure it does not disturb the inhabitants of nearby areas. Examples of noise producing activities include:

  • Transport including vehicles arriving, manoeuvring, or departing the site
  • Loading and unloading activities
  • Machinery, equipment, or apparatus used for industrial activities
  • Construction sounds like drilling or other heavy machinery in operation
  • Outdoor activities including conversation, amplified announcements, and music
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How we can support you

Our team are experienced in carrying out environmental noise surveys, objectives include:

  • To identify monitoring locations
  • To undertake non-consecutive noise measurements at all locations
  • Provide LAeq, LAmax, LAmin, LA90 , LA10 for each location
  • Provide octave or octave analysis for each location
  • We will work with you to ensure that you are working within the correct levels of noise and vibration though our acoustic surveys, providing you with recommendations for compliance with the regulations.

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