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Addressable Controllers

A range of addressable controllers with multiple channel capacity options which are easy to configure and are very user friendly


There are 3 addressable controller options all identical functionality but with different channel input capabilities.
• GM16: 1-16 Channel inputs
• GM64: 1-64 Channel inputs
• GM128: 1-128 Channel inputs

All available as 19” rack mounted, with enclosure options available for GM16 & GM64.
All controllers are modular, so controller can be configured exactly to requirements. Only include what is needed for the application to reduce complexity and cost.

Addressable Control Panels

• LCD display provides simultaneous visibility for all live channel readings and alarm functions in system setup (up to 64 input variables)
• 4-20ma analog & RS-485 Modbus communications as standard, as well as HART compatible enabled communications.
• Direct to web page live feed communication for remote viewing and acknowledgement actions
• Flexible configuration options allow ability to name controller, name zones, set alarm & relay setpoints
• Ability to group channels into zoned areas


• Main data screen – Displays all active channel on same screen. Cells indicate alarm status by colour
• Bar graph screen – Display 16 channels at a time, side scroll bar for clear coloured indicator for focused channel alarm status
• 24-hour trend screen – Review 24-hour gas monitor trend for single channel at a time
• 3-minute trend screen – Review most recent 30-minute trend for single channel at a time
• Zone screen – Display up to 8 active zones on single screen. Individual channel within zone visibility

The control panel is compatible with a wide range of accessories

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