Confined Space Equipment

A confined space is any space including chamber, vessel, tank, silo, pit or other similar space that is largely enclosed (not always entirely) that contains a foreseeable specified risk of serious injury.  

All who enter a confined space must comply with the Health and Safety Hierarchy of Control and recognise the possible dangers, have the proper safety training and protective equipment (PPE) necessary to ensure a operative's safety.

What are the dangerous of Confined Space

  • A lack of oxygen.
  • Poisonous gas, fume or vapour.
  • Liquids and solids which can suddenly fill the space, or release gases into it, when disturbed.
  • Fire and explosions
  • Residues left in tanks, vessels etc, or remaining on internal surfaces, which can give off gas, fume or vapour.
  • Dust present in high concentrations, eg in flour silos.
  • Hot conditions leading to a dangerous increase in body temperature.




Our Confined Space kit













A versatile kit including harness, helmet and breathing apparatus for use in confined space scenarios -  the tripod and winch come as part of a kit. The kit can also be tailored to your needs.  For example if a longer winch is required this is easily changeable. Numerous other gas monitors and breathing apparatus are also available.