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Unicare Clear Vinyl Disposable Gloves 100 Box (L)

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Ideal for use in the food industry, these Unicare vinyl gloves are powder-free to avoid contamination and are ambidextrous to save you time when pairing up a left and a right. The beaded cuffs help you to get them on and off easily but with touchscreen compatibility, you might not need to do that as often.

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• Vinyl gloves offer a cost-effective alternative to latex and nitrile
• Powder-free to avoid contamination
• Free from latex and accelerators to avoid risk of associated allergies
• Ambidextrous to avoid the need to open a new pair to replace a damaged glove
• Beaded cuff offers drip protection to the wrist and helps with getting on and off
• Suitable for use with non-fatty food
• Compatible with touchscreens for convenience
• AQL: 4.0
• Thickness: 2mm

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