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Petzl B50A Rescucender Rope Clamp / Grab.

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Petzl B50A Rescucender Rope Clamp / Grab, is an openable cam-loaded rope clamp designed for use in haul systems as a tractor or progress capture device, suitable for rope diameters 10 – 13mm inclusive (9 – 13mm diameters for EN567:2013). EN567:2013, & EN12841:2006 type B. Weight 260g. Nominal maximum load: 140 kg. Use EN 1891 type A semi-static kernmantle ropes. In the EN 567 framework, use 9-13 mm diameter ropes. In the EN 12841 framework, use 10-13 mm ropes. (Note: certification testing was performed using BEAL Antipodes 10 mm and PETZL GRIP 13mm ropes). In the framework of the EN 12841 standard, the RESCUCENDER must be used with a type A backup device on a second (safety) rope. See manufacturer’s instructions.

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Weight 260 g

CE – EN567:2013, EN12841:2006.