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SAR Rocker Rope Grab Back-Up Device

£94.43 incl. VAT
£78.69 excl. VAT

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Primarily used as a back-up device in industrial rope access and rescue in the event of main line failure (prEN12841 Class A) but also as an EN353-2 component within a vertical fall arrest system or an EN358 adjuster component of a work positioning system. When used as a fall arrest back-up device it is best used with a short 30 or 31cms short lanyard (including connectors). Also suitable for hauling and pulley breaking etc.

Rope: 10.5-12.7mm dia
Av Static Strength: 15kN
Static Strength: 15kN
Max Dynamic Impact: 200kg 5.7kN
Max Static: 350kg
Max Capacity: 2 person

Additional information

Weight 169 g

EN 12814-A