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Singing Rock Versa II Climbing Harness [L-XXL]

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The second generation of the universal harness for all kinds of climbing activities suitable mainly for beginners, climbing courses and gyms.
BMI adjusting system on the waist belt (consists of two loops on one side and two velcro straps on the other one) keeps the waist belt webbing with the belay loop in a proper position in various sizes
construction of the waist belt and leg loops provides maximum support and comfort when hanging in the harness
red color belay loop for proper tie-in/attachment point, strength 15 kN
laced technical textile increases the waist belt rigidity and abrasion resistance
4 braided gear loops in two sizes with a load capacity of 5 kg
fixed bridge between the leg loops provides a higher safety in case of wrong tie-in

Additional information

Weight 425 g

Sizing – Waist Belt: 75-100cm
Leg Loops: 55-68cm


Singing Rock