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Sala PoleChoke (KF7PPOLESP)

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Sala Adjustable Polyester SP PoleChoke KF7PPOLESP is terminated with a stainless steel delta link & a steel double action hook (20mm throat opening). 1100g Weight. 0.8m to 2.5m length adjustment range. One user (120kg) max. capacity. One pair of removable stainless steel gaffs are included. This device is a component of the Sala Wood Pole adjustable PoleChoke choke rope lanyard assembly range. It is designed for use with one of the Sala lanyard series KF7POLERSP (i.e. a Sala Adjustable Pole Lanyard – KF7POLERSP or KF7POLERSP2) supplied separately. When the Sala PoleChoke is used in conjunction with one of the Sala Adjustable Pole Rope Lanyards from the above detailed lanyard series, the system assembly then complies with The Energy Networks Association specification EA43-123:1999 Class A1

Additional information

Weight 1100 g

Complies with ENA specification EA43-123:1999 ClassA1, when used with Sala lanyard series KF7POLERSP