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Skylotec ACX Power Ascender (UK Version)

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£14,400.00 incl. VAT
£12,000.00 excl. VAT


The ACX battery-powered hoist is a motorised system to ensure the transport of persons or loads to areas that are difficult to access and where occasional or recurring work is carried out. ACX is used, among other things, for cleaning facades or windows, for the maintenance of complex building structures, for the rotor blade maintenance of wind turbines or for transporting loads on masts.
Countless rescue scenarios can also be carried out efficiently and with minimum effort with the ACX. ACX forms a highly flexible system for easy and cost-efficient cleaning or maintenance. In an emergency, the ACX can be controlled by remote control.

Additional information

Weight 13400 g

Working load limit: 220kg


EN 1808, EN14492, EN61000