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Light My Fire 8-Piece MealKit 2.0 (Fuchsia)

SKU: 80915

£16.60 incl. VAT
£13.83 excl. VAT

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The new and improved version of Light My Fire’s popular messkit; the ideal package for your backpack, boat, bike or picnic basket. It has all you need to prepare and eat a meal in all outdoor environments:

1. Lid/plate (500 ml)
2. Plate/bowl (900 ml)
3. SnapBox original, waterproof (170 ml)
4. SnapBox oval, waterproof (320 ml)
5. Pack-up-Cup with measuring lines (260 ml)
6. Combined strainer and cutting board
7. Spork original
8. Harness

– Microwave Safe
– Dishwasher Safe
– Floatable

Dimensions: 194x194x61mm

Additional information

Weight 384 g

Light My Fire