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Fall Arrest Blocks

Fall arrest blocks can also be known as: retractable fall arrest blocks, fall arrest devices, fall arresters, inertia blocks, inertia reels, retractable type fall arresters, retractable lanyards, self-retracting lanyards & “sala blocks”.

Fall arrest blockFall arrest blockFall arrest blockRidgegear Fall arrest block

What does a Fall Arrest Block do?

In the event of a fall the braking mechanism on the drum holding the rope or webbing (that is attached to the users harness) is engaged and arrests the fall.

All self-retracting fall arrest blocks are designed for use in vertical / near vertical applications, & some have also been tested and approved for use in other applications, for example horizontally (such as a fall off a flat roof) where the classification / type of edge is also detailed (for example a smooth edge as small as 0.5mm radius).

Always check with manufacturers recommendations for that specific make and model of equipment, as some equipment requires additional special equipment to be used in conjunction with the fall arrest block. The maximum user mass capacity of a fall arrest block can also vary with the application of use.

Some other self-retracting fall arrest blocks have also been tested & approved for use in other very specialist applications these include: –

  • A self-retracting fall arrest block that comes with an integral rescue recovery winch facility. This style of equipment will also have been tested against the European Standard EN1496 (Personal fall protection equipment. Rescue lifting devices, 1996 later superseded in 2006) whereupon the user can be raised / lowered in an emergency by a rescuer. Ideal for use in many confined space applications.
  • A self-retracting fall arrest block that comes with an integral auto-descent descender facility. Features from manufacturer’s can vary, e.g. on some the auto-descent function engages automatically, on others it must be manually engaged, or can be set accordingly prior to use depending on the intended application. This style of device will also be tested against the European Standard EN341 – Personal fall protective equipment – Descender devices for rescue. 1992 later superseded in 2011.

Fall arrest blocks are available with a very wide variety of materials and other features not detailed above, for example: – with webbing, galvanised wire, stainless steel wire; composite / metal casings; sealed units for use in very harsh environments; some require a service at specialist service centres; different maximum user capacities in certain modes of use etc.

Here at Arco Professional Safety Services. we can help you find the appropriate fall arrest block that best suits your requirements for the intended application, provide you with a price for the supply of the equipment, as well all other supporting services including user training and manufacturers’ approved servicing.


HAS Fall arrest and Rescue block

HAS Fall arrest and Rescue block

  • A retractable type fall arrester with auto controlled descent.
  • The has fall arrest block have been designed to offer fall protection and rescue in one, easy to use unit.
  • After an arrested fall the device will automatically lower the casualty at an approximate speed of 0.9m/second.
  • Lifeline Length – 9m
  • Aluminium double action hook on end of lifeline to EN362.
  • Swivel eye anchorage attachment point to avoid cable twisting.
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Service and Inspection requirements for blocks:

All fall arrest blocks should be inspected and function tested by a trained personnel on a regular basis, this can however be dependent on use and so should be a minimum of once every 6 months. We are an approved center for servicing of Ridgegear, Latchways and Capital Safety fall arrest blocks.

Arco Professional Safety Services (Previously Total Access (UK) Ltd) has dedicated teams of Inspectors who are fully qualified to carry out formal examinations at our premises, your premises or at serviced offices throughout the UK. Click here to find out more about our inspections service.

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