Customer Asset Tracking

  • Customer Asset Tracking System (CAT)

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What Is CAT?

Developed specifically for the working at height and confined space industries our Customer Asset Tracking (CAT) system gives our customers full visibility of the competency, inspection and compliance status of their people and equipment. With your secure login, you can view all your records and print all certificates.

Access the CAT system here:

Benefits of using CAT?

  • It allows you to ensure that the competency of people working at height and in confined spaces is kept valid
  • It enables you to ensure working at height and confined spaces medicals are kept valid (these are provided nationwide)
  • It means that you can ensure your fall protection systems are inspected in line with legislation
  • During audits you can use CAT to prove competency and view certificates where required
  • To monitor the inspection of your PPE (e.g. harness, lanyards) in line with current regulations
  • It offers a variety of search functions (e.g. serial number of PPE item, specific course/s and who is trained)
  • 24/7 access to certification

Managed Services Customers

For our Managed Service customers, we have taken the CAT system even further, and provided a significantly enhanced version of our standard system. Our CAT for Managed Services system allows you to:

  • Access admin support from the dedicated Managed Services team
  • Print or view staff training, medical & PPE certificates
  • Allocate PPE items to the individual/s
  • Print or view installation or recertification of system certificates
  • Access a range of compliance reports
  • View at a glance your upcoming training and other recertification needs
  • Easily view competencies and history of both your staff and systems

For more information about our CAT system contact us on 0330 390 0822 or