Fall Protection


Every day there is the need for operatives to work at height and Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd can help to make this a safer environment.

With falls being among the most common cause of serious injury in the workplace fall protection is so important. The Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd Fall Protection Department offers a nationwide service specialising in the design and installation of high-level access solutions to facilitate the safe and efficient working environment of roof maintenance, on scaffolding, abseil cleaning and other high-level tasks.

Under the Working at Height Regulations, it is the moral duty of those in control to do all that is possible and physically practical to ensure the safety of operatives and prevent a fall from height. Employers and employees must now consult the Hierarchy of Control and consider whether an alternative way to complete the work or an alternative form of access would be safer. It is always best to try and find a way to complete work, if possible, from a ground level to try and eliminate the risk.

Our highly experienced department is approved to provide a wide range of high-level access systems and fall protection systems from the leading manufacturers in the field. We are able to provide a one-stop shop from consultation through design, installation and provision of maintenance and recertification programmes. The systems we offer comply with all relevant British & European Standards.

Fall Protection solutions can be provided as part of the construction phase of new builds or retrofitted. Architects, main & sub-contractors, building owners and facilities managers have all benefited from our unrivalled customer service, response time, knowledge of current regulations/codes of practice and technically advanced product range.

Installation and Recertification of Fall Protection Systems

Installation and recertification of Fall Protection systems should only be carried out by a trained and certified installer company. Contact Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd for further details, or to request a consultation. Arco Professional Safety Services Ltd carries full insurance for all personal and public liability works undertaken, giving you confidence in your choice of supplier.

For more information about Fall Protection please call 0330 3900822 or email info@arcoservices.co.uk

Our Fall Protection Services include: